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Have you ever struggled with feeling like you’re just spinning your wheels in your business? Are you creating content for anyone who will listen, hoping that you’ll get a like, comment, or maybe even a sale?

If that’s you, you are not alone! Yes, friend, I’ve been there and I totally get it. But don’t worry! I’ve found a solution that has worked wonders for my business and I’ve included some of my key growth strategies in this workshop! In this Live 1-Hour Workshop, I’ll show you the exact steps that I’ve taken to boost my engagement, multiply my following, and grow my income.

Why is finding your niche so important? Well, as the old saying goes “If you try to talk to everyone, you’ll speak to no one”. I can tell you, from experience, that is absolutely true! Identifying and targeting people who are already interested in you and your business is the key!

In our time together, I will teach you the importance of focusing on your niche, how to identify your dream clients, and how to get them to engage with your business in an ongoing relationship. Ultimately, understanding and leveraging these key factors is guaranteed to increase your impact, influence, and income.

Included in this workshop:

  • Live Video

  • Q & A

  • PDF Worksheet

  • Private Facebook Group

This workshop is for you if:

  • You are desperate for clients and will work with whoever comes your way.

  • You’re not sure what content to create.

  • You’re overwhelmed with creating too much content.

  • You have so many passions or talents that you don’t know where to begin.

  • You’re ready to increase your impact, influence and income.

In this workshop, you’ll learn:

  • What is a niche?

  • Key benefits to niching down

  • How to identify what your niche should be

  • Examples of those perfecting a niche market

  • How to target your niche

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